Monday, March 22, 2010's been awhile

Don't anybody fall out their chair cuz you've noticed that I'm finally posting after 7 months! Crazy busy around this house lately, but it's time to get back on track and keep people updated with what's going on. As most of you already know I'm 22 wks pregnant due July 28 and we're having a BOY!!! We're so excited and his name is Lucas David. With Addie, I knew she was a girl but with Lucas I had no idea so it really was a surprise for all of us. He's been kicking around for a month now but still not hard enough for DJ to feel him or should I say he won't when DJ puts his hands on my belly. Addie doesn't really get that there's a baby in my belly, but she does love to lift up my shirt and push my belly button in. I was pretty sick in the beginning, but I've been feeling great for awhile now. Except walking up our stairs seriously gets me out of breath. It's a good thing that it's finally getting warm outside so we can walk to the park and I can get some exercise.

After the ultrasound on Mar. 12, I wanted to go out and by something for the baby but then I thought instead of buying clothes or blankets I'd rather make some things for his room. So I went to the D.I. (a thrift store) and bought some wooden frames for a buck and painted them the colors I wanted. I decided to do a jungle theme so my friend Krista used her Cricut machine and cut out a giraffe, elephant, monkey and frog for me and I pasted it on the scrap paper that I placed inside the frame. Then I hung the frames from ribbon. Then I bought some wooden letters and cut out scrap papers to put on them with the colors that I'm using. His room is starting to come along quite nicely, and I'm quite proud of myself.