Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nursing Back to Health

So after a LONG afternoon filled with Addie crying and whining, I let DJ get her ready for bed and put her to bed. I was done for the day. She wouldn't hardly eat her dinner or anything else so I let DJ have at it. After he laid her down she cried for 20 minutes which is unusual cuz she's usually down after 10 minutes if not before. So I told him to go get her. We tried to give her more food, but she refused. He gave her milk and she drank it up. So then I took her to her room and started bouncing her and she laid right on my shoulder. I knew she was exhausted, as I'm bouncing her I look over at her blanket in the crib and see something on it. I get closer and pull the blanket open more and I see some of her dinner on the blanket. So we change the sheets and her jammies and I start bouncing her back to sleep. Then she throws up some more all over me. I felt so HORRIBLE! I can't believe I had been bouncing her after she had thrown up in the bed. I wasn't even thinking of that!!! So we changed those jammies and I gave her a quick bath and then I just held her in the rocking chair with her blankie and she fell asleep. I can't even begin to describe the wonderful feeling I had of being able to comfort her. I felt so bad for getting so aggravated at her earlier. It's great to feel like you're so loved and that this little one is so dependent on you. Tonight was one of my favorite mama moments!

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July

We left our place at 7:30 a.m. to walk down to the parade, and it was fun to see all the hot air balloons taking off up against the mountain. It did rain a lil bit during the parade, but it felt refreshing since it was really hot. There were some really neat floats, and it was cool to hear cannons going off. I loved the atmosphere of the parade cuz everyone was so excited. Addie absolutely loved it; especially the bands cuz then she could dance. Aferwards, we went home and all took naps since we were exhausted. Then we went downtown and walked around and listened to music in the park and to all the booths set up. We had a spot by the stadium to watch the fireworks, but at 8:15 I knew she wouldn't make it another 2 hrs. So, we went home and put her to bed and we watched a few of the fireworks from our yard.

I have never been to a parade that was such a big deal, but there were people everywhere! They had put their chairs out the day before at noon and they would spend the night to keep their spots. Luckily some of Eric's family put out chairs for us and it was a great spot right on the road.

We went to the BYU Creamery to get ice cream, and I think Addie ate more of mine than I did! Then she was bouncing on the seats having a blast.

Take me out to the ball game

We went to see the Orem Owlz play with Krista, Eric and Colten. It was fun cuz they have a grass seating section where you pay $4 a person and set your blankets out. They even have a playground! Smart thinkers. We were sitting on a hill and all Addie wanted to do was climb up it. I didn't see much of the game obviously, but it was fun to be out. It's been a long time since I've been to a game, and I forgot how fun it is. Not as good as football mind you....but almost. We had to leave a lil bit early cuz Addie was getting tired. We did everything we could to keep her from falling asleep on the way home.

It's so funny to see her dancing! How do kids know how to dance?? It seriously amazes me. I'll have to get better footage of dancing another time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vacation Time

Diana's husband Gary has a houseboat every other year for a week, and our plan was to have all of our family get together. However, with mama's medical problems my parents and my older brother Bryan and his family weren't able to attend. But two of my aunt's and my brother Kenny and his wife from Georgia were able to come. There was also another family that came with us, and they were so much fun. So in all there were 17 of us. DJ's first concern about when I mentioned that we were taking this trip, was that he thought he was gonna get bored. Keep in mind, he's never been so he had no idea how much fun it was going to be or how beautiful and breathtaking it is. After we were there a couple days, he told me how incredible and overwhelming it was when you thought about how deep the water was. We went out about an hour away from Wahweap Marina, and we had a really cool spot. We had 2 boats and 2 jet skis, so plenty to keep us busy. DJ tried wake boarding, but wasn't able to get up. I think it was cuz we needed a bigger board for him. It was so nice to relax and not worry about anything while we were there. DJ found it VERY hard to come back to work.

The hike up to Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

The dark clouds would have to indicate a storm that didn't reach those of us who went to Rainbow Bridge. Diana had taken her two kids out on the jet ski and she got caught in it. There were 3 foot waves that she was trying to go through, and eventually she was able to get some help from some people that were out on the water as well. She was able to stay on their boat until everything calmed down. My nephew Nathan was the only one that stayed behind on the houseboat, and he noticed that the boat was moving so he went outside to see and there was sand blowing everywhere. He saw that the anchors were sliding through the sand and he went to get one of them and just stood there trying to keep the boat from drifting. When it kinda calmed down, he went to another houseboat and asked if they could come help him get it tied down again. (it's funny he went to these people, cuz they had needed help a few days prior.)

Every time we took a boat ride, Addie would fall asleep. She loved the wind blowing her hair. (This was just before she was about to fall asleep.) She wasn't happy about getting in the water though. We tried a few different times, and I think it was because of the life jacket that she didn't like being in the water. Addie said her first words on this trip!!! She says doggie, thank you and kitty. It's sooo cute.

Scrabble game - from the top Ru, Diana, Me, Sarah, Kenny, Crystal and Kiai

Our Anniversary was during the week and DJ had arranged for us to have some time to ourselves on the top deck. He had sparkling cider, chicken n biskit crackers and easy cheese for us to snack on. It was a nice surprise, and I was really happy that he thought to do something for the day. I am really lucky to have such a great husband. He's such a good daddy and does all that he can for our family. Love you baby!

Addie chowing down on watermelon. She had it all over her.

The lookout from our spot

Birthday Girl

I can't believe that my Addie girl is one!! She's getting to be so much fun now. We had the party on June 13 at Diana's house and had family and friends over to celebrate. It was a swimming party and it had been cloudy all morning and we just knew we were gonna get rained out. However it managed to fly over us long enough to eat, open presents and for the kids to swim a bit. When everyone started to leave, is when it started pouring! She got some of the cutest clothes (her aunt's have AWESOME taste) and some really great toys that she plays with all the time. It was a nice day and we were so glad we got to have it in St. George so we could have it with family. We love you so much Addie, and so grateful to have you in our family. Happy Birthday Monkey Girl!

I was extremely nervous about trying to make her cake since I didn't think there was any way possible that I could do it. But I have to say I was EXTREMELY proud of myself, and I thought it turned out amazing! I made cupcakes for the ears and those turned out to be a hit with the kids! As you can tell, Addie dug into it as well and enjoyed it as well.

I couldn't have envisioned anything more perfect for this moment when it was her turn to have her own piece and have at it.

Addie squashing Lane

DJ's sister Dawne and her son Sven

Papi and Nana Kelly