Sunday, September 12, 2010

Game Day with the McDonald's

We take football seriously in this house so game days are important! We had all the windows open so a nice cool breeze was flowing throughout the house. We had lunch outside with the neighbors to celebrate Jan's birthday, and then we were in and out of the house to check up on the games. Too bad Georgia lost to South Carolina and BYU lost to Air Force. My favorite part was getting my little monkeys dressed for the day. Both of the outfits came from my Brother Bryan and his wife Sharon. Sharon sent Addie her whole outfit months ago and after she got her clothes on she said, "Mama I pretty" then after her headband was on she said, "I wanna look in the mirror". Lucas' outfit was my nephew Lane's that Bryan had sent them years ago. I told DJ I wanted pictures so I persuaded him to wear his GA shirt instead of what would've been a "blue day".

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It's official we're moving to St. George in about a month or so. DJ got his transfer with work! After a lot of prayer and patience we're getting what we think is best for our family. I'm not looking forward to packing at all, but if this gets us closer to our family then bring on the boxes. We're hoping to get approved for buying a house so that's our really big step right now. Oh how nice it would be to have a yard for Addie to play in! Even though I would love to move back to GA, I've just realized that it's not going to happen and I'm finally ok with that decision. Especially since mama will be staying in St. George at Diana's for awhile, so we can work on getting her strength back. It may even work out that when daddy retires in 3 1/2 yrs that they'll move to St. George too. (Fingers crossed) I'm so excited for Addie and Lucas to have grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins so close by.
Addie - has been talking up a storm! She's been pointing out colors: blue, green, pink, red, green, purple and yellow, saying and pointing out letters, singing which is absolutely adorable, doing pushups (learned that from Brianna and Lane), allowing water to be splashed in her face (HUGE step for her), not wanting to take pics and playing big sister.
Lucas - started smiling last week, focusing on things hanging above his head, getting chunkier, at night sleeping 6-7 hrs straight, eating 3-4 oz at feedings and is so chill. He's a really good baby. Just for the record: girls diapers are so much easier to change!
Gama (what the grandkids call my mama) - has been out here a couple wks and seems to me to be doing alot better. She definitely still has her rough days but I think some of those have come because we've had so much going on. So once she gets on a schedule I think that'll help. She's communicating better, walking by herself better and loves to be around her grandkids. I think it's really gonna be good for her to be out here so she can stay motivated and give her something to do besides be in bed and watch tv all day.
Nana & Papi

Gama & Papa

Lucas' 5 wk Pics

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I was in the kitchen cooking and realized Addie was way too quiet....go into the living room and I find baby wipes all over the floor and she has one in her hand cleaning Lucas' head. I'm in for some trouble!

4 wks old. Krista gave me the idea to take his pic each month with the same stuffed animal just to see how much he's changed, so if you think I'm posting the same pic from here on out, it won't be :)

Diana's cat sure has tolerated alot over the years especially with Addie

She got quiet again.....and found her way into Diana's bathroom and found her lipstick, the dental floss and the toothpaste.